Although it has been weeks since “Maxton Hall” was released, Damian Hardung continues to trend worldwide. It looks like his portrayal of James Beaufort in the enemies-to-lovers Prime Video series has left all the audiences captivated.

The show performed exceptionally well globally, breaking viewership records, prompting the entertainment company to rapidly renew it for a second season, which will tell the story of the second book in the trilogy written by Mona Kasten.

While the next installment may take at least a year to materialize, fans won’t have to wait too long to see Damian Hardung in the small screen again. Check all you need to know about the release date for his upcoming fantasy project as a passionate vampire.

Release date for Love Sucks, the new fantasy romance series led by Damian Hardung

Initially, it was announced by creator Marc O. Seng that “Love Sucks” would premiere on July 1st at the Munich International Film Festival. However, Damian Hardung has just uploaded the official trailer of the romance series to his Instagram account, revealing that it will hit the small screens this fall, between September and November.

The storyline of “Love Sucks” centers on Zelda, who inherits her boxing skills from her father and is trained rigorously to defend the family’s honor in the boxing ring. One day, she encounters Ben, a vampire portrayed by Damian Hardung, and feels an instant connection, soon realizing it’s forbidden.

But we can’t celebrate this drama just yet. Since the series is a German production, it’s uncertain whether it will be available to stream in other countries. Given Damian Hardung’s popularity, it’s likely, but nothing has been confirmed.

There’s also the question of which streaming service will release the production. Considering the odds, it’s probable that Prime Video will fiercely compete to secure the distribution rights for this title, given their association with the Damian Hardung phenomenon and their likely desire to extend it.

Those who thought they had seen everything from the actor in “Maxton Hall” are not prepared for “Love Sucks.” Just by watching the trailer, you can sense that his passion for his co-star’s character will propel him into even more extreme situations than those of James Beaufort.