“Outer Range” is back with its second season, leaving all Prime Video users with more questions than answers. This continuation not only deepened the already complex conspiracies of the first season but also introduced many more intrigues that clearly need another installment to be solved (or even two).

The show centers around the Abbott family, ranchers grappling with the mysterious disappearance of one of their own while defending their land from invasive neighbors. Amidst these struggles, a bizarre black void appears on their property, thrusting their lives into an eerie and surreal experience.

The Season 2 finale has such an open ending that fans are already asking when Season 3 will be released. Here’s everything we known so far.

When will Season 3 of ‘Outer Range’ be released on Amazon Prime

First and foremost, it is highly probable that the third season of “Outer Range” will be released in 2026. The first and second seasons had a two-year gap between them, so we can reasonably expect this release schedule to be repeated.

For the exact release date, it is quite likely to be in April or May. This has been the case with the latest installments, and it is known that Prime Video tends to premiere their series during the same months each year. For example, “The Boys” tends to premiere its seasons in June or July.

Nevertheless, Prime Video has not confirmed a third season yet, and there is always the looming prospect of the series being abruptly canceled. Let’s not forget that the enteratinment company does not hesitate to end a show; last year, it canceled eight productions in one announcement.

In such cases, statements from the actors who lead the series can be more informative than waiting anxiously for official news. Here’s what Josh Brolin has said about the third season of “Outer Range”:

“The idea of a Season 3 is very intriguing and not something I would necessarily, in most cases, look forward to. Wanting to carry a character that far for that long, even the idea of doing a play for two years just sounds awful to me. You want to get in there, 12 weeks of work, have your impact, hope it is good and get out. I think that is much more my mentality, and it is why I got out of TV in the first place. … But this is different. This has its hook in me. I don’t know exactly why. I don’t think any of us does.”