Despite being on Prime Video for only a week, “Maxton Hall” rapidly became the most-watched series worldwide, effortlessly dethroning “Fallout” from its position as the platform’s 2024 jewel.

The German show follows Ruby Bell, a brilliant student at Maxton Hall, a prestigious school for the wealthy, where she struggles to fit in but maintains her academic excellence. One day, she witnesses a dark secret involving James Beaufort, the school’s millionaire bad boy, who will stop at nothing to silence her.

The first parts consists of six episodes, and fans are already asking for a second season. Since “Maxton Hall” is inspired by Mona Katsen’s trilogy, there is plenty of material from the original source to keep going. What has Damian Hardung, the actor behind Beaufort, said about it?

Damian Hardung shared his hopes for a second season of ‘Maxton Hall’

In a recent interview with TV Insider, Hardung confirmed that Prime Video hasn’t given any word yet on another installment for Maxton Hall. However, he is confident that, since there is plenty of content still to adapt from the “Save Me” books, it will become a reality.

He also expressed concern about portraying his character in the darker tone that the second novel, “Save You,” displays. As those who have finished the first season remember, the last episode ends with a tragedy for Damian’s character, and now, it’s only going to get more sorrowful.

“In the second book, it’s really dark for James.” He explains, “As much as that is great stuff to reenact, I feel so much more fear than joy thinking about if we get lucky to get a second season to actually have to portray that because that would just entail so much pain to go through.”

Hardung is no stranger to dramatic, heartbreaking productions. In fact, he began gaining fame with his lead role as Jonas in “Red Bracelets,” the German adaptation of the Spanish mega-success series about a couple of teenagers with deadly illnesses who form a bond in the hospital they are staying in.

Nevertheless, he hopes Ruby and Bell’s relationship perseveres through its ups and downs and finds a happy ending. According to him, there is no obstacle that their love can’t overcome.