The Italian dark romance drama “The Tearsmith” not only has reached the top spot of the most-watched list on Netflix worldwide, it has also clinched the sixth spot of the Top 10 in the US. So, it’s safe to say that the film is the latest hit from the platform.

The forbidden romance is based on Erin Doom’s novel of the same name. It follows two teenagers, Rigel and Nica, who after growing up together in the same oppressive orphanage, are adopted into the same family and develop strong feelings for each other.

With a killer soundtrack that includes Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo, Netflix‘s “The Tearsmith” has appealed to the Gen-Z thanks to new actors such as Simone Baldasseroni and Caterina Ferioli, who are poised to earn worldwide fame for this film.

Netflix: ‘The Tearsmith’ triumphs in the US

“The Tearsmith” is a standalone novel from Doom, and it follows some dark romance tropes that fans of the genre love: forbidden love, morally gray love interest and enemies-to-lovers, as well as jealousy.

While it hasn’t been confirmed if “The Tearsmith” will have a sequel, Doom’s have other works that could be adapted if Netflix is interested. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be the first time that a film explores new storylines without a book to adapt (such as the ‘After’ series).

Apart from Baldasseroni and Ferioli, the rest of the cast include Sabrina Paravicini, Roberta Rovelli, Orlando Cinque, Eco Andriolo Ranzi, Alessandro Bedetti, Nicky Passarella and Sveva Romana Candeletta.

While ‘The Tearsmith’ has clearly enchanted audiences, critics dismissed the film. For example, Aurora Amidon from Paste magazine wrote, “If someone were to compile a comprehensive list of young adult romance genre tropes, it would likely be a spitting image” of this film.