Certainly, “Freaky Friday” wasn’t the film that catapulted Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis to celebrity status. Nonetheless, it remains one of the standout mother-daughter movies of contemporary cinema, if not the best of them all.

A while back, Disney+ confirmed a “Freaky Friday” sequel, delighting fans of the original production. However, updates have been scarce until now. Although both Lohan and Curtis expressed their willingness to reprise their roles, IMDb lists their decisions as “rumored,” and the title seems stuck in a pre-production stage that’s starting to resemble development hell.

During a recent E! interview, Chad Michael Murray, who portrayed Jake, spoke about his involvement in the project , shedding light on whether it’s close to becoming a reality or not.

Is Chad Michael Murray set to return for the ‘Freaky Friday’ sequel?

While promoting his just-released “Mother of the Bride,” Murray expressed, “If Jake has a story to tell, I’d be there in a heartbeat. Are you kidding me? Just to watch Jamie and Lindsay, to go back to work… To watch all that energy that Jamie brings to set… Hollywood royalty, period.”

Lindsay Lohan and Chad Michael Murray in Freaky Friday. (Source: IMDb)

Lindsay Lohan and Chad Michael Murray in Freaky Friday. (Source: IMDb)

This statement brings both good and bad news. On one hand, it’s reassuring to know he’s eager to reprise his role. On the other hand, his declaration suggests he hasn’t been contacted by Disney yet.

The lack of insight could be attributed to two possibilities. Firstly, as mentioned earlier, “Freaky Friday” might be stuck in an eternal pre-production stage. Alternatively, the sequel may distance from the original story, requiring only Lohan and Curtis’s involvement.

This would be unfortunate, given Murray’s current availability for shooting the continuation. According to his IMDb schedule, he has only two upcoming projects, “Fortress 3” and “Bad Men Must Bleed,” with the latter already in post-production.

Deadline reports that filming for the movie will commence this summer in Los Angeles. By then, we should have confirmed information about the cast.