Mia Goth has become a scream queen thanks to her several roles in horror and thriller movies. However, her most iconic performances have been for Ti West’ ‘X’ series, which is coming to an end with the release of the third film “MaXXXine.”

The film is one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and Goth will be reprising her role from the first movie. However, following West’s theme of exploring different eras and film styles, this time it will be set in the 1980s.

According to what West has explained, the movie will explore another horror sub-genre, as well as how the development of home video releases influenced society. Here’s all you need to know about the feature, including when and how to watch it.

‘MaXXXine’: When is the film coming out?

‘MaXXXine’ will finally be released on July 5, 2024 in theaters. The movie is being distributed by A24. Principal photography took place from April to May 2023 in Los Angeles for seven weeks.

Plot: What is ‘MaXXXine’ about?

Goth will play Maxine, the only survivor from the ‘X’ massacre, as she goes to Hollywood to find fame and fortune. The official synopsis reads: “In 1980s Hollywood, adult film star and aspiring actress Maxine Minx finally gets her big break. But as a mysterious killer stalks the starlets of Hollywood, a trail of blood threatens to reveal her sinister past.”

‘MaXXXine’ (IMDb)

‘MaXXXine’ (IMDb)

‘MaXXXine’: Who else is in the cast?

The ‘X’ trilogy has had several A-listers tied to it and ‘Maxxxine’ isn’t the exception. Apart from Goth, the cast of the film includes: Halsey, Lily Collins, Moses Sumney, Elizabeth Debicki, Bobby Cannavale, Michelle Monaghan, Kevin Bacon, and Giancarlo Esposito.

Is ‘MaXXXine’ really the last film of the series?

For now, yes. However, West has revealed possible plans for future sequels. The filmmaker told IndieWire that “I’m trying to build a world out of all this, like people do these days.” The future depends on the success of ‘MaXXXine.’