“The 8 Show” has just been released on Netflix and has already become a worldwide hit. This Korean dark comedy thriller series is poised to have the same impact as “Squid Game,” or perhaps even greater.

In its story, eight financially struggling contestants join Money Game, a reality show with a 44.8 billion won prize. To win, they have to last 100 days in a bare studio, where everything they buy costs 1000 times the normal price, reducing their prize money.

Of course, since the series only has eight episodes, those who binge-watched it are already eager for more. Here are the 10 best series to watch if you liked “The 8 Show.”

10 series similar to “The 8 Show” to watch

Panic (2021)

In a small Texas town, graduating seniors compete each summer for a chance to win life-changing money and make their lives better in The Panic Game. This year, the game is riskier than ever, with bigger rewards and scarier challenges. Facing their deepest fears, the players must decide how much they’re willing to gamble to win.

Available on Prime Video.

Alice in Borderland (2020–)

The story centers on Ryohei Arisu, a jobless gamer who finds himself in a parallel universe after a mysterious event devastates Tokyo. In this strange world, known as Borderland, Arisu and his companions must engage in dangerous games to stay alive.

Available on Netflix.

Alive (2020–)

Amidst the chaos of a deadly virus spreading through the city, a solitary man remains trapped in his apartment, unable to reach out for aid and frantic to escape.

Available on Netflix.

Squid Game (2021–)

The series focuses on a secret competition in which 456 individuals, all experiencing severe financial difficulties, put their lives on the line by playing deadly children’s games for a chance to win a ₩45.6 billion prize.

Available on Netflix.

Sweet Home (2020–)

Hyun, a solitary high schooler who tragically lost his entire family in a devastating accident, must abandon his home and confront a harsh new world where monstrous beings threaten humanity’s existence. Now, against impossible odds, he must strive to rescue what is left of humanity before time runs out.

Available on Netflix.

3% (2016–2020)

In a dystopian future Brazil, a gripping post-apocalyptic tale unfolds, where only a chosen few gain entry into an elite society through a rigorous and cutthroat selection process.

Available on Netflix.

Snowpiercer (2020–2024)

In a frozen world, seven years after a global catastrophe, the last of humanity survives aboard a never-ending train journey around the planet. Within this confined space, societal divisions, injustices, and the struggle for survival take center stage.

Available on Netflix.

Danganronpa: The Animation (2013)

A select group of 15 top-tier high school students are assembled at an exclusive, prestigious academy where graduation guarantees future success, yet is exceedingly challenging to achieve. The school is overseen by a bear named Monokuma, who reveals that graduation hinges on committing a murder. To graduate, a student must kill one of their peers and evade detection.

Available on Chrunchyroll and Hulu.

The 100 (2014-2020)

Following a nuclear war that destroyed Earth, the survivors built a massive space station called the “Ark” to stay alive. After 97 years in space, the council sends 100 juvenile prisoners back to Earth. Upon arrival, they quickly establish a lawless system of government.

Available on Netflix.

Under the Dome (2013–2015)

A small town is abruptly cut off from the outside world by a massive, clear dome. The residents must cope with post-apocalyptic conditions while trying to understand the origin of the barrier, its purpose, and whether it will ever disappear.

Available on Paramount+.