The Acolyte” is one of the latest major additions to the Disney+ catalog that is part of the Star Wars franchise. The show, which became No. 1 worldwide, stars Amandla Stenberg (The Darkest Minds) and other big stars.

The story is set in the era of the High Republic, a period of time hundreds of years before the events of the original movies. It has been relatively unexplored in the saga’s canon, until now…

After the mystery thriller exploring the darkest aspects of the Force had its big debut, many fans have been wondering if the series will have a second season or if it has been canceled.

Has ‘The Acolyte’ been cancelled?

No, The Acolyte has not been canceled by Disney so far. However, rumors about the future of the Star Wars series have been circulating, as before its premiere, it was believed that it wouldn’t go very far.

So far, these rumors have been merely conspiracies, as the drama has been doing quite well, and the streaming platform hasn’t finished releasing all episodes of the first season yet.

Therefore, it’s a bit early to know if there will be a second installment. First, the team behind the service will need to evaluate how much demand the story has received, as well as the number of views it garnered.

The Acolyte Season 1 | Episode Guide and Schedule

  • Episode 1 | Lost/Found – June 5
  • Episode 2 | Revenge/Justice – June 5
  • Episode 3 | TBA – June 12
  • Episode 4 | TBA – June 19
  • Episode 5 | TBA – June 26
  • Episode 6 | TBA – July 2
  • Episode 7 | TBA – July 10
  • Episode 8 | TBA – July 17