Netflix has once again bet on a family drama that not only provides a wealth of emotional moments but also tries to convey an inspiring message to viewers. It’s a title starring Major Dodson and Amy Smart.

Tyson’s Run” is a film that seeks to raise awareness about autism and highlight the importance of inclusion and perseverance. It’s a touching story about a young man’s struggle to find his place in the world and achieve his dreams.

Personal growth and inclusion are just some of the themes touched upon by the title, which has become the fifth most-watched in the catalog in the United States, thanks to the hundreds of users who have pressed play.

Tyson’s Run reaches the Top 5 on Netflix US

Tyson’s Run is one of Netflix’s dramas that has joined the catalog to touch the hearts of American users and deliver a profound message. It quickly caught attention, as it is now the fifth most-watched new movie in the US.

According to Flix Patrol, the specialized platform site, the title has managed to surpass multiple important productions on the streaming service. Among the most notable are “Your Lucky Day” and “Alone”.

The plot follows Tyson, a young man with non-verbal autism who struggles to find his voice in a world that often doesn’t understand him. With the support of his family and an athletics coach, he embarks on an inspiring journey to participate in a running competition, challenging expectations and proving that everyone has the ability to overcome obstacles.

The movie is inspired by the true story of a young man with autism named Tyson, who found his passion for running and took part in various competitions. Although the film has not received widespread critical attention, it has been praised for its inspiring message and the performances of the cast.

Rory Uphold, Major Dodson, Amy Smart and Barkhad Abdi are just a few of the stars who have brought to life the emotional drama, which continues to be one of the strongest trends on the streaming giant, despite having been released in 2022.