In Good Hands” was not only a Netflix movie that has managed to captivate users of the platform worldwide, but its sequel has done exactly the same, becoming the current Top 6.

The Turkish comedy was released just two days ago and has already become a trend, surpassing multiple popular titles, such as the new “Daddy Daughter Trip” with Rob Schneider and Jackie Sandler.

Kaan Urgancıoğlu (Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre) stars in the drama alongside the young Mert Ege Ak and Aslı Enver, among other stars. Ketche directed the film, with Hakan Bonomo handling the screenplay.

In Good Hands 2 ranked No. 6 movie on Netflix worldwide

Drama, romance and comedy are some of the elements that blend in “In Good Hands 2“, the new #6 most-watched movie on Netflix worldwide. In just two days, the sequel has become a strong trend.

Flix Patrol, the site specializing in metrics and platforms, confirmed that the title not only entered the list of popular foreign productions but also of the new successes of the service.

The story follows Firat, a father who, along with his new son, tries to adapt to his new life while dealing with the pain of loss, but will they be able to fill the void left by his beloved mother and wife?

The romantic drama was written by Hakan Bonomo (The Family) and has James Gucciardo as the cinematographer, while Ketche (The Shadow Team) was in charge of directing the nearly two-hour film.