Am I OK?” is one of Dakota Johnson‘s most recent dramatic films, which was directed by Stephanie Allynne (Tig and In a World…), and premiered worldwide at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

This week it was confirmed that it already has a scheduled release date on the HBO platform and that there won’t be too much of a wait to discover the story which offers a blend of humor and heart, with touching moments.

The movie honestly addresses the complexities of life and provides an authentic look at the challenges and joys of growing up and finding one’s place in the world, all through its main character, Lucy.

When is ‘Am I Ok?’ released in Max?

Am I OK?” is Stephanie Allynne’s next drama which will make its streaming debut and find a home on Max soon, as its premiere has been scheduled for June 6th of this year, so the countdown has already begun.

The story follows Lucy and Jane, who have been best friends all their lives. But when Lucy embarks on a personal journey, she will test their friendship and her sense of self, on a path that she may not be entirely ready to take.

The emotional and even comical movie explores themes such as friendship, identity, love and authenticity as the main characters navigate the ups and downs of adult life in the best way they can.

Dakota Johnson (Madame Web) portrays the main character, offering an emotional and convincing performance as Lucy, along with the supporting cast, who also deliver outstanding performances.