The romantic teen drama “Maxton Hall,” based on Mona Kasten’s novel “Save Me,” has conquered the worldwide chart on Prime Video, becoming the number one series within days after its release. However, fans can’t get enough of this enemies-to-lovers story, including wanting to know more about its actors, including Frederic Balonier.

While the main characters are Ruby Bell, played by Harriet Herbig-Matten, and James Beaufort, portrayed by Damian Hardung, some supporting characters have stolen the spotlight. One of them is Balonier’s Kieran Rutherford, who helps Ruby and Lin to organize events in the school, and who might be interested in Ruby as more than a friend.

As happens with many other teen series that become popular, and especially if there’s a second season, this young cast is set to earn worldwide recognition. However, as you get familiar with these German actors, you can learn more about Balonier’s career, age and more.

What to know about Frederic Balonier, who plays Kieran in ‘Maxton Hall’

How old is Frederic Balonier?

Frederic Balonier is 23 years old, and he was born in Berlin, Germany. In “Maxton Hall,” he has won hearts as Kieran, a socially awkward but kind friend to Ruby. On his Instagram page, he has been sharing his excitement to be part of the series, including fancams and more.

Frederic Balonier’s height: How tall is the actor?

According to his profile in his talent agency (AHOI agency), Balonier is 1.80 meters tall. Or, what is the same: 5’ 9’’ feet. He also weighs 73 Kg, and has brown hair and green-brown eyes.

Frederic Balonier (AHOI Agency)

Frederic Balonier (AHOI Agency)

What other projects has Frederic Balonier been in?

While “Maxton Hall” might be his biggest show to date, he has been acting since 2019. He appeared in Kühn hat zu Tun, as well as other TV shows like The Three Detectives and Sankt Maik. You will also find him in the upcoming German series on Apple TV+, “Where’s Wanda?”, which is set to premiere this year on the platform.

Frederic Balonier’s Instagram: What is his social media profile?

You can find him on Instagram with his username @fredericbalonier. So far, he has a little over 9,700 followers, but we bet that the number will increase within the next couple of weeks.