Maxton Hall is the Prime Video series that has captivated not only young adult users but also hundreds of readers who have been fans of the saga on which it is based, written by the German author Mona Kausten.

The first season consists of a total of six episodes, which are filled with intriguing moments, passionate scenes between the protagonists, a rivalry that turns into something more and plenty of mystery within a school.

Harriet Herbig-Matten and Damian Hardung have been chosen to bring the main characters to life, who experience an intense and overwhelming love story that starts out as anything but.

Maxton Hall ranked Top 1 on Prime Video worldwide

As expected, “Maxton Hall: The World Between Us” has become the most-watched television series on Prime Video worldwide and in record time, having premiered just two days ago on the platform.

Flix Patrol has reported that the TV show is not only a strong trend but has already made a big impact among young audiences, who are clamoring for a second season of the German production that shines in the Top 10.

The story follows Ruby, a scholarship student who becomes an involuntary witness to a secret at Maxton Hall. The arrogant millionaire heir, James, is determined to silence her, but their confrontation ignites an unexpected spark between them.

The title is an adaptation of a popular romantic trilogy, with chapters filled with drama that unfolds slowly. The saga consists of Save Me, Save You and Save Us, which have been bestsellers.

Harriet Herbig-Matten leads the plot alongside Damian Hardung in the main roles of Ruby Bell and James Beaufort. Despite being the protagonists, they are not the only talents present throughout the episodes.

In addition to the two rising young stars, supporting roles are filled by Sonja Weißer, Fedja van Huêt, Justus Riesner, Andrea Guo, Ben Felipe, Runa Greiner, Govinda Gabriel Cholleti and Hyun Wanner.