Despite having a very solid young career, spanning titles like “Red Bracelets” and “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast),” it’s quite probable that Damian Hardung will be recognized for a long time as James Beaufort from “Maxton Hall.” Thus, he is already working on his future in order to diversify his trajectory, and one of his next productions seems especially interesting.

“Love Sucks” is one of the three upcoming projects currently on Hardung’s IMDb agenda. According to its distribution company, ZDF Studios, the title will be a romantic series consisting of eight episodes, each 30-minutes long, mixed with crime, suspense, and many fantasy elements.

Although it has not been announced whether a release date for the United States on theaters or streaming platforms will happen, it’s quite likely to come around if it has enough success. Here, check all about it.

What is the plot of ‘Love Sucks’?

The plot of “Love Sucks” will revolve around Zelda, who was trained as a boxer by her father to fight against visitors who come across the family boxing ring. Since it’s a tradition, it runs in her blood, and she is very good at it.

One day, Ben, a sensitive and sophisticated young man, visits the prizefight and, of course, is rapidly knocked out by Zelda. Nevertheless, the fight is just the start of their relationship, since both of them feel an instant connection that goes beyond words (or punches).

But there is another twist: Ben is revealed to be a vampire. And even worse, Zelda finds out that her family has extensively dedicated decades to hunting them down.

Who are the cast of ‘Love Sucks’?

Damian Hardung will play Ben, the vampire who falls deeply in love with Zelda, portrayed by Havana Joy Josephine Braun in her series debut. They will likely embody the same enemies-to-lovers dynamic developed by Ruby Bell and James Beaufort in “Maxton Hall”.

The rest of the cast features performances by great German actors such as Philipp Christopher, Lisa-Marie Koroll, Rick Okon, and Anne Ratte-Polle, who you may recognize for playing Ines Kahnwald in “Dark.”

When will ‘Love Sucks’ be released?

“Love Sucks” will have its official premiere on July 1st at the Munich International Film Festival. The program announces that the screening will include a couple of episodes of the series, and, since it lasts 120 minutes, we can infer that we will learn more about the first four chapters when that date arrives.

However, as mentioned before, no distribution or streaming company seems to have reached out to the creator of the show, Marc O. Seng, to bring the series to the United States. But, given the rising celebrity status that Damian Hardung is beginning to experience, it’s not far-fetched to predict that the production could find a home in America shortly.