Netflix has once again updated its list of top trends, and this time, a 2023 suspense thriller, packed with stars, has become the second most-watched movie in the United States.

“The Bricklayer” unfolds with a mix of thrilling action, unexpected twists and constant intrigue as Steve Vail and his team try to stop the criminals before they pull off a heist.

If you enjoy suspense and action-packed stories with an unconventional protagonist, this could be a title you’ll enjoy. The story is based on the novel of the same name written by Noah Boyd.

The Bricklayer ranked No. 2 on Netflix US

The Bricklayer arrived on Netflix not long ago and quickly became one of the most chosen by American users, as this week it has managed to secure the Top 2 spot for most-watched.

Flix Patrol reported that the title also surpassed other successful productions, which have held a fairly stable position in the rankings, such as “Glass” starring Bruce Willis, James McAvoy and Samuel L. Jackson.

The plot follows Steve Vail (played by Aaron Eckhart), a former FBI agent who becomes a bricklayer after leaving the job due to his rebellious and unconventional personality.

When a highly organized gang of criminals begins to commit a series of elaborate robberies, the FBI is forced to seek help from Vail, who possesses unique skills for solving difficult cases.

Steve reluctantly joins the team and uses his intuition and unconventional knowledge to pursue the criminals. The film offers an exciting plot and charismatic characters in a modern police thriller setting.

Renny Harlin directed the thriller, which starred Eckhart and Nina Dobrev, who portrays Kate Bannon, one of the main characters who appears side by side with Steve Vail in the narrative.