Room” is one of the most popular dramas from its lead actors and director Lenny Abrahamson. Released in 2015, it has received great acclaim for its haunting story, complex characters and outstanding performances.

The movie, which has become the eighth most-watched on Netflix this week, is based on the novel of the same name by Emma Donoghue, who was also part of the project and wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation.

The title was so acclaimed by critics that it received numerous awards and nominations, including four Academy Award nominations, of which Brie Larson won one for her role as Ma for Best Actress.

Room ranked #9 most-watched movie on Netflix worldwide

Room is one of the latest trends on Netflix, which has not only captivated users worldwide but has also earned a spot within the Top 10, ranking as the ninth most-watched film on the streaming platform.

Flix Patrol reported that the psychological suspense thriller has also surpassed two major productions that were shining in the ranking, “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” with Dylan O’Brien and “Heart of the Hunter”.

The story follows Joy Newsome and her five-year-old son, Jack, who are living in captivity in a small, confined room. She was kidnapped seven years earlier by a man named Old Nick and has been held captive there ever since.

The only reality Jack knows is the room, as he was born there and has never seen the outside world. However, his mother develops a desperate plan to escape and confront the real world from which she has been separated for so long.

The film explores the unique relationship between mother and son in extreme conditions and how they face the challenges of adjusting to life outside of the room and the performances has been so great that the title has become iconic.

In addition to Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay, the cast includes other well-known faces. Joan Allen portrays Nancy Newsome, Joy’s mother. Sean Bridgers appears as Old Nick and William H. Macy portrays Joy’s father.