The Hijacking of Flight 601” has joined the list of new foreign productions on Netflix and the ranking of the most-watched series worldwide in just two days, as it is the recent and exciting Colombian addition.

Created by Pablo Gonzalez and C.S. Prince, the drama is packed with suspense, unexpected twists, unpredictable settings and a quite complex story, which is carried out by outgoing and quirky characters.

The first season of the TV show consists of a total of six episodes, all of which have been added to the platform’s catalog together. Monica Lopera is one of the many protagonists, alongside Johan Rivera and Arif S. Kinchen.

The Hijacking of Flight 601 ranked No. 5 series on Netflix

Netflix has refreshed its Top 10 again, and two days ago, the new Colombian seriesThe Hijacking of Flight 601” managed to reach the number 5 spot among the most-watched on the platform currently, according to Flix Patrol.

The specialized site reported that the production has quickly gained ground and had a significant number of new views, which pushed it past other titles like “The Gentlemen” with Theo James and “Heartbreak High”.

The story follows two armed and hooded individuals who hijack and threaten to blow up Flight 601 unless the Colombian government releases 50 political prisoners and pays them a substantial ransom in cash.

According to Tudum, the episodes are inspired by one of the longest air hijackings in Latin American history, which took place in May 1973. The plot is based on the events surrounding SAM Colombia Flight HK-1274.

The real-life events were carried out by Paraguayan footballers who seized the plane and its 84 passengers to demand a ransom of $200,000. Not only was it one of the longest flights but also one of the longest in distance, as it was diverted multiple times.