The Courier” is the new foreign film that has not only become one of the most-watched on Netflix, but has also established a strong trend. Arón Piper returns to the screen with a new Spanish production.

The title landed on the platform’s catalog after its theatrical release, and the story is set around 2002 when Spain adopts the euro. It was directed by Daniel Calparsoro, based on a script by Patxi Amezcua and Alejo Flah.

The Spanish-speaking actor was accompanied by industry stars, and one of the most notable is María Pedraza, who plays Leticia in the drama and was previously seen in “Elite” as Marina Nunier.

The Courier ranked No. 2 movie on Netflix worldwide

The Courier“, known as El Correo in Spain, has entered Netflix’s worldwide Top 10, ranking second as one of the most-watched movies of the week, according to Flix Patrol this morning.

The specialized metric site reported that the suspense thriller entered the catalog a few days ago and has now become a strong trend, surpassing multiple popular productions like the rom-com “Honeymoonish” and “Barbarian”.

The story created by Patxi Amezcua and Alejo Flah follows a con artist and his rise to the top of the corruption surrounding the real estate bubble after the arrival of the euro in Spain in 2002.

Arón Piper is the one who brings the main character to life: Iván Márquez, a young man from Vallecas who feels confined by his neighborhood and starts working for an international organization dedicated to money laundering.

The thriller not only stars former Elite cast members (Piper and María Pedraza) but also features multiple Spanish talents, among the most prominent are Luis Tosar, José Manuel Poga, Luis Zahera and Laura Sepul.