“Crooks,” a German crime thriller, is now the third most-watched series on Netflix worldwide, according to FlixPatrol. The show, directed by Marvin Kren, is just behind the South-Korean sci-fi horror “Parasyte: The Grey” and the sci-fi drama “3 Body Problem.”

The series, written by Benjamin Hessler, Marvin Kren, and George Lippert, premiered on April 4, and since then has climbed the charts quickly. The cast includes Frederick Lau as Charly, Christoph Krutzler as Joseph, and Svenja Jung as Samira. Lau is known for his work in titles such as “Victoria,” “The Wave,” “Heart of Stone,” and “Testo.”

With eight episodes, this crime thriller follows the typical “one last job and I’m out” trope, but it feels fresh from other similar series and storylines. If you’re looking for decent, entertaining series to watch, this might be your next option.

What is ‘Crooks’ about?

Charly used to crack safes but now lives quietly in Berlin. But his past comes back to haunt him when old partners threaten his family and force him into one last job: stealing a valuable coin. Joseph, a driver for criminals in Vienna, is supposed to take the loot to Austria. But things go wrong, a shootout happens, and someone dies, tying Charly and Joseph’s fates together.

Now on the run, Charly and Joseph must fight against criminal gangs in Berlin, Vienna, and Marseille to protect their families. What starts as a bid for safety turns into a wild adventure across three countries, testing their friendship in the face of danger.

What are critics saying about ‘Crooks’?

The show has been receiving mixed reviews from critics. Joel Keller from Decider wrote: “Crooks has potential to rise above the usual crime drama tropes, thanks to the unlikely friendship at its core. But aside from that, the show is nothing we haven’t seen before.”

Meanwhile, Smriti Kannan from Film Fugitives sentenced: “Crooks would have been an interesting watch if the makers were not trying to do too many things at a time. It is a classic case of too many cooks spoiling the broth.”