As if we didn’t already have enough anticipation awaiting the confirmation of the second season of “The 8 Show,” Netflix has just concluded its latest high school Korean drama, “Hierarchy,” leaving the possibility of another installment open.

Set at Jooshin High School, a prestigious institution where the wealthy students reign over those with fewer resources in what appears to be a fierce hierarchy, the series begins when a new student arrives. Nobody knows, but he has the intention of disrupting this oppressive system with unexpected motives of revenge.

In less than three days, the production skyrocketed to the top spots on the platform’s worldwide ranking. Behind each viewer count, lies a user eagerly awaiting news of when Kang Ha’s story will continue. Here, all that is known.

All on the release date of ‘Hierarchy’ Season 2

To anticipate when “Hierarchy” will return to Netflix for its second part, we can examine the typical production timelines for Korean series. Unlike the faster-paced American production cycle, Korean dramas tend to progress at a slower pace, often taking about a year between seasons.

This timeframe is also reflected in Netflix’s release schedules. It’s uncommon for the streaming platform to release multiple seasons of the same show in the same year, except for reality shows. For fictions, they typically wait around 12 months between seasons.

However, it’s worth considering that the streamer sometimes extends the gap between seasons for certain Korean series. For example, “Sweet Home” premiered its first season in 2020, followed by its second season in 2023.

And then there’s “Squid Game.” Despite being the highest-rated Korean series in Netflix history, there’s only a loosely confirmed rumor of a second season potentially airing at the end of this year, three years after its initial release.

All signs point to a second season of “Hierarchy,” especially considering the post-credits scene in the last episode confirming it. But as for when it will be released, we may need to brace ourselves for a wait of at least a year, or perhaps even longer.