Sharks have always been a staple in film and series, but this year, their presence is stronger than ever, with the new #1 Netflix film, “Under Paris,” dominating conversations worldwide.

Led by Bérénice Bejo and Nassim Lyes, this title focuses on a scientist who discovers a giant shark in the Seine and must prevent it from causing chaos during the World Triathlon Championships.

However, Netflix isn’t the only one capitalizing on the allure of these aquatic predators. Several other production companies are also gearing up to release their own projects on the topic. Here’s all the upcoming shark movies you should keep an eye out for if you enjoyed “Under Paris.”.

5 upcoming shark films to watch out for

The Last Breath – June 12

For those who prefer their protagonists chased by sharks underwater rather than on land, “The Last Breath” is the film for you. Based on a script by Andrew Prendergast, who also produced the similar 2022 movie “Shark Bait,” this title delves deeply into the thrill of the “accident” trope so common in these productions.

Its story follows a group of friends on a scuba diving trip in the Caribbean, exploring the wreck of a World War II battleship. Their adventure takes a terrifying turn when they become trapped inside the ship, surrounded by hungry great white sharks.

Fear Below – TBA

Described by its distribution company, Blue Fox, as a fresh and unique take on the shark genre, “Fear Below” looks set to be one of the most original upcoming flicks in this realm.

Directed by Matthew Holmes, renowned for his work on “The Legend of Ben Hall”, the film centers around a team of disorganized divers in 1940s Australia hired to locate a sunken car in a river guarded by a bull shark.

Shark Island – September 6

What can one expect from a picture with the tagline “The deadliest sharks aren’t even in the water”? Likely, a few plot twists and carnivorous animals not being the main focus.

In this production, a group of models embark on a photoshoot on a tropical island, flaunting a priceless necklace. However, far from being just another day at the office, a killer is on the loose, and the only escape route leads through shark-infested waters.

Into the deep – TBA

We may never see a movie as iconic as “Jaws” again, but we’ll at least have one of its stars in another shark flick. “Into the Deep” will feature Richard Dreyfuss, known for his role as Hooper in the 1975 classic, in another thrilling adventure with these creatures.

The upcoming film follows a group of divers searching for sunken treasures who become witnesses to the murder of drug dealers by modern-day pirates. But that’s not their biggest concern, as they soon realize they’re all being hunted by something much larger and deadlier.

Alphas – TBA

After starring in “X” and “The Ring,” Martin Henderson seems to have found his next horror venture in a shark movie. The movie, titled “Alphas,” will be directed by Liam O’Donnell, renowned for creating the “Skyline” film series.

In this production, a local surfing legend and a retired orca trainer unite when an alpha great white shark begins terrorizing their tranquil surf community. Together, they unleash the deadliest killer whale they’ve ever encountered in a desperate bid to save their town from the shark’s killings.