Sophie Turner has proven to be a talented actress with a versatile ability to portray a variety of roles, but one of her most notable works in the industry was when she brought Sansa Stark to life in “Game of Thrones” at the age of 13.

Throughout eight seasons, she has earned the affection of the audience for her incredible performance. The character undergoes significant evolution throughout the series, much like the talent of the British star.

In addition to the iconic fantasy show, which has multiple spin-offs in development, she has been involved in various globally renowned projects and even starred in hits like “X-Men: Dark Phoenix“.

What are Sophie Turner’s next projects?

Trust | TBA

The official plot of “Trust” is still under wraps, but some details about the project in production have been revealed, such as Carlson Young as the director and Gigi Levangie handling the screenplay.

Sophie Turner will star in the movie alongside several well-known actors in the industry, as well as some rising stars. Notable names include Billy Campbell, Katey Sagal, Rhys Coiro and Peter Mensah.

Suspense and drama are among the elements of the title. Although there is no set release date yet, it is estimated to debut on the big screen sometime in 2025 or 2026, if all goes well.

The Dreadful | TBA

The Dreadful” is Sophie Turner’s upcoming horror film, which will be written and directed by Natasha Kermani. The project is still in pre-production but could be released in 2025 and will bring with it a big surprise.

The “Game of Thrones” actress will reunite with one of her old castmates from the fantasy and science fiction series: Kit Harington, who used to play her brother on the TV show. Now, they will work together again but in unrelated roles.

The story follows Anne and her mother-in-law Morwen, who live a solitary and harsh life on the outskirts of society. However, when a man from their past returns, it will trigger events that become a turning point for Anne.

Joan | TBA

Joan” is an upcoming television series that will follow a woman who has doubts about her career as a jewel thief while trying to regain custody of her daughter from social services. The thriller will be filled with crime and drama.

The first season will debut on screen with a total of six episodes and will feature a diverse cast of stars. In addition to Sophie, appearing in the series are Frank Dillane, Mia Millichamp-Long and Caroline Faber, among others.

Anna Symon is responsible for writing the narrative, while Richard Laxton has directed each of the episodes. Currently, the release date has not been revealed as the series is still in production.

Haven | TBA

Haven” is Sophie Turner’s latest project, a dramatic film that will premiere directly on streaming, arriving on Prime Video‘s catalog at some point (estimated to be sometime in 2025).

Deadline confirmed that Sophie is one of the latest additions to the cast, which already includes highly recognized figures in the industry, such as Archie Madekwe and Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, who will be the protagonists.

The story follows Zara, whose day takes a new turn when a gang of violent thieves bursts in, demanding her help in stealing billions of pounds from ordinary people’s pensions.