To say that Luke Newton is the actor of the moment is an understatement. As the lead in the third season of “Bridgerton,” he has truly showcased his talent in portraying Colin Bridgerton, and has the world at his feet.

All of his popularity stems from the on-screen chemistry he shares with Nicola Coughlan‘s character, Penelope Featherington, which has felt so real that it sparked dating rumors.

However, outside of this on-screen romance, Luke Newton has found someone special in real life. Learn all about his new girlfriend, Antonia Roumelioti, with whom he was seen holding hands at the series’ premiere afterparty in London on June 12.

Antonia Roumelioti’s age, nationality, work and more

Antonia Roumelioti is a 23-year-old Greek dancer who has graced some of the greatest stages worldwide. According to her resume, shared by Mass Talent, she has worked in music videos, brand events, photographic campaigns, televised performances, films, and TV commercials.

Among her recent projects, as shared on her Instagram, she has been part of the dancing team of Dean Lee, a professional choreographer for Janet Jackson, The Pussycat Dolls, and Shania Twain. Luke Newton’s girlfriend described this opportunity as “the most incredible experience.”

In the first weeks of June last year, she performed for Lisey Tigra “La Tigra” at Brockwell Park, which appears to have been one of the first significant gigs for the Latina star.

However, the most notable of her recent endeavors is probably her participation in Dancing on Ice as an ensemble dancer. The British reality show has aired 14 seasons since 2006 and has inspired other versions around the world.

How long have Luke Newton and Antonia Roumelioti been together?

According to Elle, rumors about the relationship between “Bridgerton” actor Luke Newton and dancer Antonia Roumelioti began circulating in spring. Media outlets first started reporting them as friends in January 2024, noting they got to know each other better during a trip to L.A.

Antonia Roumelioti. (Source: @

Antonia Roumelioti. (Source: @ antoniaroumelioti_)

Die-hard fans of Luke Newton closely followed their journey. Suspicion grew when Antonia Roumelioti shared photos from their trip and disabled comments on them. Then, stronger evidence emerged when Newton posted strikingly similar photos, taken at the same locations as Roumelioti’s.

The rumors gained even more credibility when Antonia accompanied Luke to the “Bridgerton” Season 3 premiere in New York City on May 13. Despite being cautious to avoid the press, she was captured hugging Nicola Coughlan.

The mystery was finally resolved on June 12 at the “Bridgerton” premiere for the second part of the third season, where the couple appeared together publicly for the first time, holding hands.