Damian Hardung is one of the actors of the moment and not just because of his work in the romantic series “Maxton Hall” on Prime Video, but also due to his extensive repertoire of successes.

One of them is “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)“, a dramatic comedy and crime series that belongs to the catalog of one of the most well-known streaming giants worldwide and will soon release a new season.

The star portrays Daniel Riffert throughout 18 episodes and the story of the first season follows a high school student who creates an online drug-selling business from his bedroom in order to win back the love of his life.

How to stream ‘How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)’ in the US

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” is the comedy starring Maxton Hall’s actor that is available on one of the major streaming platforms of 2024: Netflix. It is an original production of the service, making it an exclusive title.

Therefore, you can find it in the catalog of the giant both in the United States and worldwide. It has already been confirmed that it will have a fourth season, which will arrive at some point in 2025.

Philipp Käßbohrer (King of Stonks) and Matthias Murmann (Neo Magazin) are the creators of the TV show, which has become one of the most-watched, ranking within the Top 10 according to the specialized site Flix Patrol.

The series delves into the complexities of teenage relationships, including Moritz’s attempts to win back his ex-girlfriend and the impact of his illegal activities on his personal life.

The combination of dark humor, youthful energy and relevant social commentary has contributed to its popularity, especially among younger viewers and American audiences.