Despite many knowing Reba McEntire as a great singer and now as a coach on Season 25 of The Voice, she has had a successful acting career, where one of his best known titles was the series Reba.

The show is a comedy that originally aired from 2001 to 2007 but continues to be a trend, especially among American Netflix users, where it ranks in the US Top 9, according to the specialized site Flix Patrol.

At the time, the TV show was well-received by the audience and ran for six seasons on The WB (later CW), gaining followers for its smart humor and the charisma of the star in the lead role.

Reba ranked Top 9 series on Netflix US

Reba” is the classic comedy series that has become a strong trend this week on Netflix, currently ranking number nine among the most-watched TV productions in the streaming platform.

Flix Patrol, the specialized metrics site, reported this morning that the show has not only surpassed multiple productions in the genre but also some titles that have been in the US Top 10 for a while.

The episodes addresses family themes such as parenting, family relationships, divorce and coexistence with a new partner of an ex-spouse. Each is presented in a comedic manner, with hilarious situations and witty dialogue.

In addition to Reba McEntire as Reba Hart, the main cast includes talented actors from the time, with notable names like Christopher Rich, Joanna García, Steve Howey, Scarlett Pomers and Melissa Peterman.

The series became a cultural phenomenon and is still remembered as one of the most beloved family comedies of the 2000s, particularly for its charismatic cast and endearing stories.