When Evil Lurks” has made a mark not only in the horror genre but also in Argentine cinema, as it has become the best film of the year during 2023 and is now one of the strongest trends on Netflix worldwide.

Demián Rugna is the one who has been in charge of writing and directing the drama, which is positioned as the most-watched national horror production in Argentina’s history, breaking all records and establishing itself at the top.

It managed to gross $1.7 million dollars, and although many called for a sequel, it seems that the story begins and ends in the same installment, which many have described as “disturbing and dark“.

When Evil Lurks reaches the Top 10 on Netflix worldwide

When Evil Lurks“, known by its original name “Cuando acecha la maldad”, premiered during 2023 but made such an impression among viewers that it has found a home on Netflix and is now one of the most-watched movies.

Flix Patrol reported this morning that the Argentine horror title has become one of the biggest trends on the streaming giant, securing the number ten spot within the global Top 10.

The story unfolds in a remote town and follows two brothers who encounter a man infected by the demon about to give birth to pure evil itself. They decide to dispose of the man, but only succeed in spreading chaos.

As director and screenwriter Demián Rugna (Satanic Hispanics) assures, praying won’t help in this narrative, as the minutes pass, the scenes escalate in intensity and grow darker, along with its characters.

The drama participated in several important film festivals, managing to win some awards and nominations, as well as receiving multiple praises and favorable reviews from industry professionals.

Ezequiel Rodríguez, Demián Salomón, Silvina Sabater, Virginia Garófalo, Emilio Vodanovich, Luis Ziembrowski, Paula Rubinsztein, Federico Liss and Marcelo Michinaux are some of the stars who were present in the disturbing drama.