Argylle is the action comedy with a cast full of A-list stars, such as Dua Lipa and Henry Cavill, that has been causing discussions in recent months, especially because there are many who loved it and others not so much.

The excessively uneven but highly entertaining story follows a super spy who is drawn into a treasure hunt that takes him around the world, but his tumultuous past could jeopardize the mission.

Matthew Vaughn directed the film, based on a script written by Jason Fuchs. Various figures have accompanied the actor and the singer, such as Bryce Dallas Howard and Sam Rockwell, who co-star in the drama.

How and when to watch Argylle online

Argylle already has its online debut scheduled, and if everything goes according to plan, the spy drama-comedy will arrive on March 5th this year, available for purchase or rent through Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV and other platforms.

According to, it is currently only known when it will be available for PVOD (Premium Video On Demand) viewing, but not yet for regular streaming. Its arrival on streaming services is believed to happen a few weeks after being introduced on purchase platforms.

What some have announced as a chronicle of a foretold disaster, others have found it to be one of the best comedies of the year, especially due to the extensive cast filled with A-list stars, such as Dua Lipa and Henry Cavill.

The story is packed with distinctive elements, characteristic of the director, such as exaggerated action and multiple plot twists that have been showcased in previous film productions, like Kick Ass.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Bryan Cranston talked about Argylle

Bryan Cranston and Bryce Dallas Howard play two of the most significant characters in the Argylle plot, bringing to life Director Ritter and Elly Conway. In January, they gave an interview with Screen Rant and spoke about how they carried out the drama.

The stars, known for Jurassic World and Breaking Bad, discussed what it was like to work with the director, who often pushes his actors out of their comfort zones when it comes to certain scenes. There, they confessed:

“What Jason Fuchs, our writer and producer, quoted is exactly right. The nature of the ambition of this film just pushed everyone out of their comfort zone, and that’s exciting. And it’s especially exciting when you feel you can do it safely. That’s what the job is about: maybe going too far, maybe embarrassing yourself, maybe there’s some intrigue at certain points”, Bryce Dallas Howard said.

“Well, the tone and style of a Matthew Vaughn film require you to jump into the unknown and allow yourself to explore. He certainly encourages it, and on set, he’ll be shouting things. ‘Try this, try this. Go further, go further. No, hold that back. Now go…’

He’ll be shouting, and it’s a bit chaotic, but that also amps up the energy and excitement. It’s all exploration, and it’s like a great exercise in trust. You understand what your character wants, but you’re not always sure where the twists are coming from”, Bryan Cranston said.