Selena Gomez is not only recognized as one of the most talented singers and actresses of her generation, but over the years, she has also become a successful entrepreneur, especially for its collaborations and Rare Beauty.

She is one of the few celebrities who have firmly established themselves in the makeup, skincare and body care industry. All her projects have left her with a quite extravagant sum of money in her bank account.

Her net worth has made her one of the wealthiest figures in all of Hollywood and this is also attributed to the fact that she has been in the industry for several years, triumphing with successes such as Wizards of Waverly Place.

How much money does Selena Gomez have?

Selena Gomez has established herself as one of the wealthiest stars in all of Hollywood, with a net worth of $800 million as of 2024, according to the specialized site Celebrity Net Worth.

Her fortune not only includes her earnings accumulated throughout her career as an actress and singer but also as a businesswoman and entrepreneur in various industries, including cosmetics and fashion.

Is Selena Gomez a billionaire?

Despite Selena Gomez’s fortune increasing rapidly over the years, she has not yet become a billionaire… but undoubtedly she is on her way, all thanks to her businesses, in addition to her brand Rare Beauty.

According to current estimates of her net worth, she would need to accumulate approximately an additional $200 million to reach billionaire status and join this select group of celebrities.

How much does Selena Gomez earn from Rare Beauty?

Over the years, Selena has diversified her sources of income. One of her standout projects is Rare Beauty, her own makeup line launched in 2020, which has generated hundreds of millions in revenue since its launch.

Two years after its debut, the company managed to generate at least $100 million in revenue. According to various sources, in 2023, it generated around $300 million. Therefore, the company would be worth around $1.2 billion today.

Fashion Network reported that the star sells $70 million annually in blush alone and that her brand continues to grow, surpassing all forecasts. Therefore, the revenues she receives from the brand are really high.

Rare has stood out for being an affordable brand with high-quality products. It has created easy-to-use items, such as a lip liner, which costs only $15, and a liquid foundation available in 48 shades for $30.

Selena Gomez’s investments and brand deals

Selena Gomez has not only stayed in the acting or makeup industry, but she has gone all out and also ventured into the world of fashion with her own line of sportswear and multiple businesses.

In addition to Rare Beauty, she owns the Serendipity ice cream brand, which is super famous in New York and was founded in 1954 under the name Serendipity3, known for its extravagant desserts.

She also co-founded the mental health platform Wondermind with her mother Mandy Teefey and her best friend, Daniella Pierson. It started operating in 2022 and has since been tirelessly helping people with concerns.

On the other hand, before 2023 she became one of the main investors in the food delivery company GoPuff. Last year it was reported that the company is valued at over $15 billion and is a stable business.

In 2015, Pantene was one of the most popular brands in Gomez’s collaborations, especially after she was named ambassador, becoming the face of the “Strong is Beautiful” campaign, setting an example of strong and healthy hair.

Sharing the position with figures like Hilary Swank and Naomi Watts, the star stated, “I have always used Pantene products, so becoming one of the brand’s ambassadors is a dream come true”.

Puma collaboration

Of course, if we talk about one of her most iconic collaborations, undoubtedly Puma comes to mind. She become one of the main faces of the sportswear brand and since 2017, she has earned a significant amount of money from it.

In September, she signed a $30 million contract, announcing the agreement through her social media, where she posted a photo of herself wearing some garments and expressing gratitude for being welcomed into the Puma family.

Since then, she has been launching multiple capsule collections and customized garments with the sportswear company founded by Rudolf Dassler, the older brother of Adidas founder Adolf “Adi” Dassler.

Collaboration with Coach

When she was only 24 years old and at one of the best moments of her career, Selena signed a $10 million agreement with the handbag manufacturer Coach in December 2016, launching her own capsule.

During the fall of 2018, the actress released her entire capsule following the success of the Selena Grace Handbag. This included a range of outerwear, handbags, small leather goods, and ready-to-wear items, among others.

Selena spoke about designing the garments and expressed excitement about working with the brand again, especially after the high sales of the bag she previously launched.

During a discussion, she confessed, “Being able to create my own collection with Stuart Vevers (creative director of Coach) has been such a fun process, and I can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve been working on for the past few months“.

Acting Career

Selena Gomez began her acting career at a young age, at just 7 years old, and since then she has not stopped adding successes and productions to her repertoire, as well as upcoming projects.

Her first major role was portraying Gianna on the children’s series “Barney & Friends” in 2002. This was one of her early ventures into the entertainment industry, marking the beginning of a successful career.

However, her leap to fame came after becoming a Disney girl and starring in “Wizards of Waverly Place“, the series that has marked a before and after in the generation and which will soon have a sequel.

Her role as Alex Russo was fundamental in establishing her as a prominent figure in the youth entertainment industry and opening the way for her to act in other Disney productions, such as “Princess Protection Program“.

How much did Selena make from Wizards of Wavery Place?

Selena Gomez was the undisputed protagonist of Wizards of Waverly Place, the fantasy series that defined the 2000s generation. At the time, she earned between $25,000 and $30,000 per episode for her role as Alex Russo.

The Disney Channel show aired for four seasons and 106 episodes, so the star earned over $3 million for her role as the middle sister and powerful wizard, according to FandomWire.

How much did Selena make from Barney & Friends?

At just 10 years old, she was already earning a good amount of money, especially for her participation in the successful children’s show Barney & Friends. She was paid approximately $3,000 per episode.

According to Parede, she appeared in a total of 13 episodes during 2002 and earned a total of $39,000 for her role as Gianna, one of the friends of the main characters in the imaginative world.

How much did Selena make from Only Murders In the Building?

The Things reported that Selena is likely to receive at least $6 million for her role as Mabel Mora in Only Murders in the Building, the successful mystery series on Hulu, where she stars alongside Martin Short and Steve Martin.

The actors accompanying the singer earn $600,000 per episode, so it is believed that Gomez has earned at least $12 million until the 20 episodes that marked the second season.

The series, of which she is also an executive producer, has had two additional seasons on the platform, so her salary has been increasing. Currently, the total amount she has received for these last two seasons is not known.

How much did Selena make from 13 Reasons Why?

13 Reasons Why” was one of the major series that was under the care of Selena Gomez, as the actress was in charge of executive production. According to Women’s Health, she earned $39,000 in total for the episodes.

Although she was not present in any of the 13 episodes of the first season, the show has brought her great popularity, especially due to her excellent work behind the scenes and the themes that the series addressed.

Selena Gomez’s other TV shows and movies

The list of successes in which Selena Gomez has been involved is quite extensive, as at just 31 years old she has participated in over 30 titles, which have contributed to her fortune growing along with her worldwide popularity.

One of her most well-known projects is “Hotel Transylvania“, the animated film from Happy Madison and Sony which has had four installments. There, the actress voiced Mavis and took home a paycheck of $4.5 million.

One of her most controversial films was “Spring Breakers“, which helped her break away from her Disney girl image. The plot addressed controversial and dark themes, leading to critical acclaim for her role as Faith.

Another Cinderella Story, Monte Carlo, Ramona and Beezus and A Rainy Day in New York are among the other major productions in which Selena Gomez has been involved, taking on lead roles and achieving box office success.

However, her most challenging role came in “The Fundamentals of Caring“. The character of Dot allowed her to showcase a different facet of her talent, bringing to life a role that was fun, vulnerable, and with a touch of rebelliousness.

Of course, the film industry was not the only realm in which she ventured multiple times, as she has also spearheaded her own television programs, such as the documentary “My Mind & Me” and the series “Selena + Chef“.

Music Career

Selena Gomez began her music career as part of the band “Selena Gomez & the Scene“. The formation and their foray into pop music occurred in 2009 when she was around 17 years old.

Kiss & Tell” was the band’s first studio album, which was released in 2009 and became an international success, propelling them to stardom. During her time with the band, she collaborated on various individual songs and soundtracks.

After a few years, Selena decided to step aside and pursue a solo career. Her first solo album was “Stars Dance” in 2013, followed by “Revival” in 2015, with the latter being the most popular of her career.

However, the same cannot be said for her most popular song, which is “Lose You to Love Me“, featured on her latest album titled “Rare“, which had its big debut on January 10, 2020.

The song was the first single from her album and was characterized as an emotional ballad addressing themes of love, personal growth, and self-acceptance. It received overwhelmingly positive responses from critics and fans.

It debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Selena’s first number-one single in the United States. The lyrics were widely interpreted as a reflection on her past relationships and her process of emotional healing.

So far, there has been no announcement that she is retiring from music, but she mentioned wanting to focus on other things during an interview with Vogue in 2021. Therefore, her absence from the industry could become longer over time.

How much is Selena Gomez paid per Instagram post?

Selena Gomez earns around $2.5 million per sponsored post on Instagram, according to the specialized site Influencer Marketing Hub. In 2022, it was reported that she was making $1.7 million per post.

Additionally, Instagram released the Rich List two years ago and revealed that the actress is one of the highest-paid social media influencers, sharing the spot with figures like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Kylie Jenner.

Currently, she has 429 million followers on Instagram and over time, she has developed various business ventures and received substantial paychecks for promoting certain brands on her personal profile.

Selena Gomez Real Estate Investments

Selena Gomez not only has invested in businesses but also in real estate. She bought her first house in Tarzana, California in July 2011 for $2.1 million. Previously, this home belonged to Jonah Hill.

In 2015, she acquired a 10,016-square-foot mansion in Fort Worth, Texas, but the following year, she listed it for sale for $3.4 million. She had to adjust the price, and finally, in October 2020, she sold it to Iggy Azalea for $2.5 million.

Over the years, Selena has owned several properties and homes. In 2017, she purchased a bungalow in Studio City for $2.25 million, and in 2020, she acquired a mansion in Encino for $4.9 million, which previously belonged to Tom Petty.

Who is richer: Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber continue to be a topic of conversation, not only due to their scandalous breakup but also because of all the drama that has ensued afterward, especially involving the singer and Hailey Bieber.

As two of the stars who are always trending, many fans have wondered which of the two artists has the larger fortune and who is richer as of 2024. Well, as of today, Selena is richer than Justin.

The net worth of the Canadian singer is visibly lower than that of the actress, mainly because he does not have the same amount of income. The retirement from music by Bieber is also one of the main reasons.

Selena Gomez’s Health Issues

Selena Gomez has not only been battling some issues related to mental health, but in 2015, she publicly confessed that she had been diagnosed with Lupus and had received chemotherapy to treat the disease.

Lupus is a condition in which the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs, and it can cause a variety of symptoms, including extreme fatigue, joint pain and skin rashes.

In 2017, she underwent a kidney transplant as part of her treatment, and her friend, Francia Raisa, was the organ donor. Her health problems have been a significant part of her personal journey and have impacted her career.

Her courage in openly discussing her illness has been inspiring to many and has helped destigmatize autoimmune conditions. To this day, the singer continues to share heartfelt details about her experience.