Few could have predicted that a comedy series centered around an auto shop and its eccentric employees would become a remarkable success. However, Netflix did, and their intuition proved correct, as the series is now the most-watched show on the platform in the United States.

In the show, Will, the anxious and inexperienced successor to an auto repair empire, strives to revitalize his father’s business despite enduring relentless harassment from his cousin and new employee, Shane.

Like many productions from the entertainment company, the first season of “Tires” released all eight episodes on the same day, leaving viewers hungry for more. Netflix, however, was ahead of the game yet again, renewing the title for a second season on May 21, even before the show premiered.

When will the second season of ‘Tires’ be released?

Netflix always releases new seasons of its shows annually, similar to how broadcast TV schedules its series. This means “Tires” season 2 will be released on the platform in May 2025.

Why were the producers so confident in renewing it even before measuring the viewership from the first weeks of the show? The critics have been spectacular, praising it as a worthy successor to “The Office.”

Another reason is that Netflix found a valuable collaborator in Shane Gillis, the creator, star, and producer of the series. Their first special with him, “Beautiful Dogs,” released in 2023, proved to be a hit, reaching the top 10 charts in five countries and staying there for two weeks.

Additionally, “Tires” features a strong cast with well-known names in the American comedy industry: Andrew Schulz, Chris O’Connor, Kilah Fox, and Stavros Halkias. If the show continues to attract many viewers, it’s likely that other beloved comedians will join them.

If you’re eager to see more of Gillis, you should know that Netflix acquired “Tires” as part of a deal that includes another stand-up special from him, which will also be released in 2025.