Netflix has once again released multiple reality show titles, continuing the trend of the past few months. Now, “Buying London” has become the eighth most-watched TV shows in the catalog.

The dramatic seven episodes focus on the operations of DDRE Global, an exclusive real estate agency led by Daniel Daggers, who has over 25 years of experience in the sector.

The first season of the series premiered just a few days ago and is one of the few titles that quickly captured global user attention due to its portrayal of the dramatic world of real estate.

Buying London ranked Top 8 on Netflix worldwide

Buying London” is the new reality show that has brought not only luxury and elegance to Netflix’s catalog but also a lot of drama and iconic moments. Thanks to its success, it has become the Top 8 show worldwide.

Flix Patrol reported that the recent release has far exceeded expectations, even surpassing other popular productions that have had a strong presence in the most-watched rankings.

The TV show aims to showcase how Daggers and his team of extravagant professionals navigate the competitive market of selling multi-million dollar and luxurious properties to wealthy clients.

Despite Daniel being the main star of the episodes, he is not the only well-known figure from the real estate and business world featured in the first season. Check out who joins him:

  • Oli Hamilton: Known for his connections in high society and a reformed party lifestyle.
  • Lauren Christy: A top agent with a fierce drive, often clashing with colleagues over favoritism.
  • Reme Nicole: The youngest agent, eager to make a mark in the industry.
  • Rosi Walden: A native Londoner with extensive knowledge of prime locations.
  • Rasa Bagdonaviciute: A headstrong and well-connected hustler.
  • Juliana Ardenius: The in-house interior designer, known for her glamorous style and party lifestyle.
  • Olivia Wayne: The content creator for DDRE, maintaining the firm’s online presence and acting as a peacemaker in the office.