Ben Affleck (Deep Water) is not just another actor, but quite the opposite. His career full of successes, hefty paychecks, and productions as a director have catapulted him to the top of the Hollywood pyramid.

He immersed himself in the acting world during the 1990s, gaining recognition with films like “Good Will Hunting“, which he co-wrote and starred in alongside his best friend Matt Damon (Jason Bourne).

Since then, he has starred in some of the most iconic movies in the industry, such as “Gone Girl” with Rosamund Pike. Thanks to these works, he has amassed a millionaire fortune that is continually growing.

What is Ben Affleck’s net worth in 2024?

Being one of the most popular actors in the industry, he has been amassing a substantial and still growing fortune over the years. Currently, Ben Affleck has a net worth of $160 million, establishing himself as one of the wealthiest celebrities.

Ben Affleck attends the Los Angeles premiere of Amazon Studio’s “The Tender Bar” at TCL Chinese Theatre on December 12, 2021. (Source: Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Ben Affleck attends the Los Angeles premiere of Amazon Studio’s “The Tender Bar” at TCL Chinese Theatre on December 12, 2021. (Source: Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

According to sources like Marca and Cosmopolitan, the star has accumulated a significant amount of money through various channels in the entertainment industry, but primarily from his work as an actor, producer and director.

Despite becoming internationally famous for “Good Will Hunting”, which he co-wrote with his childhood best friend Matt Damon, it was not one of his highest-paying films. His biggest paycheck came with “Paycheck” in 2003.

Ben Affleck’s earnings as an actor

Ben Affleck has established himself as one of the few acclaimed actors who have won multiple Oscars, which has elevated his status and earning potential for each production, like The Accountant and Gone Girl.

Throughout his career, he has made hundreds of millions of dollars solely from his work as an actor, but one of the largest base salaries in the industry (before backend bonuses) came from “Paycheck“.

For the action and science fiction thriller, he took home a payment of $15 million, making him the highest-paid member of the 2003 film’s cast. In this movie, he shared the screen with Uma Thurman, Aaron Eckhart and Paul Giamatti.

Here, check out some of his films with their respective salaries:

  • 300,000 for selling the script of “Good Will Hunting”
  • Reindeer Games – $6 million
  • Pearl Harbor – $250,000
  • Changing Lanes – $10 million
  • The Sum of All Fears – $10 million
  • Daredevil – $12,5 million
  • Gigli – $12,5 million

Is Jennifer Lopez richer than Ben Affleck?

Both are great actors, but if we talk about who is wealthier in the couple, Jennifer Lopez undoubtedly takes the lead over Ben Affleck, especially because she has her income as a singer in addition to multiple investments.

According to Marca, the pop star earns around $10 million for each movie she stars in, and in 2012, she managed to earn $50 million with her “Dance Again” world tour, so her earnings differ from those of the actor.

Jennifer Lopez’s net worth in 2024 is significantly higher than Ben’s, with a difference of about $250 million to date. Therefore, she is the wealthier member of the relationship.

Ben Affleck’s real estate holdings

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, once one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples, spent $17.55 million in 2009 on a house in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles, but in 2018, they sold it to Adam Levine.

After their separation, the actor purchased a mansion in 2018 for $19 million in the same area. The home featured 13,450 square feet, seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a large patio, and a pool area.

However, in 2022, the star who played Batman put it on the market for $29.995 million. Two weeks later, he found a buyer at the same asking price, which is not easy to achieve.

In mid-2023, he and Jennifer Lopez, his current partner, closed the purchase of a $61 million mansion in Beverly Hills after several rounds of consideration, as they had been interested in other properties in Bel-Air.