Adoption is a topic that must be handled with care, especially when portrayed in movies or TV shows. One of the best productions to tackle this issue, “Trying,” has recently returned for its fourth season on Apple TV+ and is already trending worldwide.

This British comedy television series was created by Andy Wolton, who also has writing credits for “The Amazing World of Gumball” and “The Great Travel Hack.” It premiered in 2020 and has consistently been one of the top picks on the platform.

Critics have widely praised the title for its honest and thoughtful exploration of the world of adoption and its challenges. It remains to be seen how they will review the just-released fourth season, which presents significant changes compared to previous installments.

‘Trying’ is the No.5 series on Apple TV+ worldwide

“Trying” has endeared itself to its audience with its wholesome humor and heartfelt moments, making its characters truly lovable. Therefore, it’s no surprise to see it ranking Top 5 on Apple TV+ worldwide.

It has surpassed “Acapulco,” which has been a consistent trend since its release in 2021, and is currently in a close competition with “Loot” for the fourth spot on the global ranking.

The storyline follows Nikki and Jason, a couple longing for a baby. Unable to conceive, they decide to adopt. But amidst chaotic lives, dysfunctional friends, and dramatic relatives, they will face many challenges in order to build the family of their dreams.

This fourth season features a six-year time jump, focusing on Nikki and Jason navigating life as parents and all the challenges it brings. Rafe Spall and Esther Smith reprise their roles as Jason and Nikki, while Scarlett Rayner and Cooper Turner portray Princess and Tyler, the kids that led the last installment.

The ongoing season is currently airing, with episodes released weekly. The first three are already available for streaming. We’ll keep you updated on any news regarding a fifth season.