Colin Farrell (The Lobster) is going from success to success, and a few months ago, he teamed up with Apple TV+ to create a new series, which is not only one of the biggest trends but now is the No. 1 worldwide.

It’s Sugar… the new TV show from the Oscar-nominated actor, who will soon star in the spin-off of The Batman as The Penguin, where he also served as one of the executive producers.

The first season only consists of a total of eight episodes, but the story has it all, especially lots of crime, action, seduction and comedy. Each installment immerses you into the world of an outgoing detective.

Sugar ranked No. 1 series on Apple TV+ worldwide

Far from being a classic detective story, Sugar with renews the genre and adds a special ingredient: a cynical main character whose specialty is finding lost or missing persons, played by Colin Farrell. As expected, the series has become the No. 1 globally.

According to Flix Patrol, the production joined the Apple TV+ catalog a few weeks ago and not only continues to trend but has also claimed the top spot in the Top 10 in multiple countries, including the United States, where it displaced Palm Royale.

The narrative of each episode is “a contemporary version of the private detective story set in Los Angeles”. Mystery, crime and drama characterize the show, which has not yet reached its conclusion.

The plot revolves around John Sugar, an outgoing detective known for his kindness and patience. With a luxurious lifestyle and a perfect job for him, he finds himself at a crossroads when summoned by a prestigious film producer.

Just because Farrell leads the story doesn’t mean there aren’t other big stars in the cast. The actor was joined by Kirby in one of the main roles, Amy Ryan as Melanie and Anna Gunn as Margit.

The list of important talents is quite long, but in addition to the four figures present in all eight episodes, Dennis Boutsikaris, Alex Hernandez, Nate Corddry and James Cromwell also appeared.