Katy Perry has established herself as an iconic judge on American Idol, being a part of the reality show from 2018 to 2024. Her involvement became crucial over time, and she has even become the highest-paid member of the cast.

Undoubtedly, the talent competition has marked a significant stage in her life, as during her time as a judge, she got engaged to Orlando Bloom, welcomed their daughter Daisy, and even held several major concerts in Las Vegas.

Despite it all, the star confirmed in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel that the 22nd season is her last, as she is ready to take a step back and focus on her musical projects, including a new album.

Katy Perry’s salary from American Idol

According to Yahoo Style and Billboard, Katy Perry’s salary on American Idol is $25 million per season. In addition to becoming a highly popular member of the reality show’s cast, she has earned the title of being the highest-paid among the three judges.

The singer of Teenage Dream has not only surpassed Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie but also host Ryan Seacrest, currently being the highest-paid in the competition. In the history of judges, she has solidified herself as the second-highest-paid.

Her earnings exceed what Jennifer Lopez received when she held the role, but she still hasn’t reached the amount Simon Cowell received, who is recognized as the highest-paid judge in the reality show with 36 million dollars per season.

What were Katy Perry’s earnings on American Idol so far?

Being the second-highest-paid judge in the history of American Idol since 2018, her earnings have rapidly increased, as each year she secured an annual paycheck of $25 million just for her work within the singing reality show.

Her earnings and income reach $150 million within the program. Undoubtedly, these paychecks have been of great significance when calculating her current net worth, which according to Forbes is around $340 million at the moment.