In recent years, teen dramas have become some of the most popular shows even among millennials. However, sometimes it is also great to remember that it is not too late to learn some lessons in life. That’s the premise of Netflix’s new show “Act Your Age,” which is currently one of the trending titles on the platform.

According to FlixPatrol, a specialized website that collects viewership data, the series has reached the Top 7 spot of the most-watched list in the United States (as of May 27th). The show originally aired on Bounce TV in 2023, but it is having a second life on the streaming platform.

The comedy show, created by Alyson Fouse (Big Shot, ’Til Death), follows three successful ladies in their fifties who start living together after a series of weird events. It stars Kym Whitley, Tisha Campbell, and Yvette Nicole Brown. Here’s everything to know about this sitcom.

‘Act Your Age,’ a sitcom to be forever young

Kym Whitley, known for Outlaw Johnny Black, stars as Bernadette, aka Bernie, a real estate developer. Meanwhile, Tisha Campbell (Every Breath She Takes) plays Keisha, Bernadette’s best friend, with Yvette Nicole Brown, from Community, portraying Angela, Bernie’s other best friend.

While Bernie is friends with both Keisha and Angela, but these two don’t necessarily love each other. However, the two agree to travel to Washington D.C. to celebrate Bernie, who recently was awarded the key to the city. However, when they get there, they discover that it was all a lie, and Bernadette is actually eloping but neither Keisha or Angela know the groom.

From then on, the trio will get into a series of troubles which will eventually lead to all of them living in Bernie’s penthouse. However, these women will find that their lives will get much funnier and messier from then on. It will remind you a little bit of ‘Grace and Frankie.’

The rest of the cast includes Nathan Anderson (All About the Washingtons) as Jacob, Bernie’s son; and Mariah Robinson (The Wrong Valentine) as Olivia, Angela’s daughter. The show has received good reviews from audiences, who gave it a 71% on Rotten Tomatoes.